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Bray Park-Strathpine RSL Sub Branch (now titled ‘Bray Park-Strathpine Sub Branch Inc.’) is a typical small yet powerful Sub Branch Chartered in 2005. the Sub Branch was fortunate to be ‘adopted’ in the early days by the Pine Rivers Memorial Bowls Club located at the corner of Sparkes & Francis Roads Bray Park. While monthly meetings and services are still held at the Bowls Club, the Sub Branch now has its own office (The Hut) now at 1 Galvin Street Lawnton Qld 4501.

The Sub Branch granted its first Constitution on 14th July 2014 received its Charter of Membership certifying the Incorporation of the Sub Branch with ‘The Returned and Services League of Australia (Queensland Branch)’. The full name is now ‘Returned and Services League of Australia (Queensland Branch) Bray Park-Strathpine Sub Branch Inc.’ The short title is known as ‘Bray Park-Strathpine Sub Branch Inc.

Our Mission

To ensure that programs are in place for the well being, care, compensation and commemoration of current serving and ex-Service members of the Australian Defence Force and their dependants; and promote government and community awareness of the need for a secure, stable and progressive Australia in accordance with our Sub-Branch Constitution and the Objective of the RSL contained within the Sub-Branch Constitution.

Our Objectives

1 .

Provide for the sick, helpless, wounded aged, vulnerable, destitute and needy among those who are serving or who have served in the Australian Defence Forces and their dependants.


Perpetuate the close and kindly ties of friendship created by a mutual service in the Australian Defence Force or in the forces of nations traditionally allied with Australia and the recollections associated with that experience.


Maintain a proper standard of dignity and honour among all past and present members of the Defence Forces of the nation and to set an example of public spirit and noble hearted endeavour.


Preserve the memory and records of those who suffered and died for Australia, erect monuments of their valour, provide them with suitable burial places, and establish and preserve their honour, the annual commemoration days known as ANZAC Day, Remembrance Day and other commemorative days.


Encourage loyalty to Australia and secure patriotic service in the interest of Australia.


Protect the good name and preserve the interests and standing of members of the Australian Defence Force.


Encourage Members, as citizens, to serve Australia with the spirit of self-sacrifice and loyalty with which they served as a member of the Australian Defence Forces.


Provide Welfare to the sick, helpless, wounded, vulnerable, aged, destitute and needy.


The Faces of Our Organization

Lin Lahey

Deputy President

Greg Searle

President of the Board

Graeme Earnshaw


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